Meet Louise.

Louise De Martin

Louise De Martin is an accomplished and confident Real Estate Agent. She has a deep understanding of best practise marketing and a background in using this knowledge to drive measurable results for some of the largest companies in New Zealand.

Louise has combined her passion for marketing with her in-depth understanding of the local housing market in her role as a trusted Ray White Agent.

Armed with a BCom Louise understands that standing still will not deliver the best results for her clients, and as such she is constantly keeping abreast of legislative, zoning, development and economic changes to deliver only the best advice to her clients.

Assertive, genuine and sharp, Louise is motivated to be the best in her field. Call Louise now; she can make the difference in your next property transaction.

My Track Record

Number of Sales


Average Sale Price

$1,000,000 +/-

Highest Sale Price


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Professional, Thorough & Friendly

Louise is an absolute professional, and for her, that means being thorough and friendly. When it comes to the appraisal process Louise covers all bases; condition, size, location, and any new additions or renovations to the property. She also evaluates the current real estate market in the neighbourhood and provides detailed commentary around what she finds. Layer on top her consideration of the economic climate and the final appraisal is both accurate and well-considered – ensuring clients get a fair and accurate indication of the current value of their property. 

So lovely throughout

Louise was really lovely throughout the process and really helped paint a bigger picture for us. She was also very understanding of our situation and didn’t try to push anything on us.

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